first impressions are the most lasting

first impressions are the most lasting

1700 CONGREVE Way of World IV. i. How shall I receive him?.. There is a great deal in the first Impression.

1791 H. JACKSON in Publications of Colonial Society of Massachusetts (1954) XXXVI. 112 I am affraid it is too late..and you know that first impressions are the most lasting.

1844 DICKENS Martin Chuzzlewit v. I didn’t like to run the chance of being found drinking it..for first impressions, you know, often go a long way, and last a long time.

1926 R. M. OGDEN Psychology & Education xii. Primacy is popularly expressed by the statement that ‘first impressions are lasting’.

1946 J. B. PRIESTLEY Bright Day ii. He ought to look neat and tidy... It’s half the battle..making a good first impression.

Proverbs new dictionary.

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